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Added: TVP 4K Poland (VIP PL)
Upgrade; Estonia Ch's to HD Version (VIP EE)
Added: 11 New Azerbaijan Ch's (AZ)
Added: Bein Sport MAX 5-6 FHD-SD & 4K (VIP AR) Copa America 2020
Added: Bein Sport MAX 1-2-3-4 FHD-SD & 4K (VIP AR) EURO 2020
Added: New 4 Poland Ch's (PL)
Added: New 20 Greek Ch's (VIP GR)
Added: HDnet & ProXtech Movies Romania (VIP RO)
Added: TV3 Sport 1-2-3 & Open FHD Estonia (VIP EE)
Added: Unifi Sports 1 to 4 Malaysian (VIP MLZ)
Added: New 95 Movies Channels Arabic (VIP AR)
Added: Digi Sport Slovakia 1-2 (VIP SK)
Added: Arena 4 Sport Hungary (VIP HU)
Added: V Sport Live 1 to 5 Extra Finland (VIP FI)
Added: SportExpressen & SportBaldet Extra Games (VIP SE)
Update: ESPN Plus Pass 1-20 Available during Events (VIP US)
Added: Arena Sport 1 & 2 FHD Slovenia & Arena Esport HR (VIP SLO-CRO)
Added: HBO 1-2-3 FHD Netherland (NL)
Added: New 95 Ch's United Kingdom Inc +1 (UK)
Added: Eurosport 360 1 to 8 France & Germany
Added: New 45 Ch's Portugal Inc Cinema (VIP PT)
Added: Arena Sport Hrvtska 7 to 10 FHD (VIP CRO)
Added: New 28 Latins Ch's (Latin)
Added: Station 2 Sport EM & Cmore PPV Events IS & SE
Added: Canal + Formula 1, Motor, Premier League & Top14 Rugby France FHD (VIP FR)
Added: New 11 Magyar Channels (HU)
Added: Sport Klub 7 To 10 Hrvtska (VIP CRO)
Added: Sky New Zeeland (Sports) 1-9 & Select (VIP NZ)
Update: Added 800 Content of 24/7 Movies (Reload playlist)
Added: Regional Espagnol 70 Ch's (VIP ES)
Update: China update & Add 75 Ch's (VIP CN)
Added: Sky Sports F1 FHD Germany (VIP DE)
Added: Reel PX Gobox 6 Ch's (VIP AR)
Added: DAZN 3 - 4 & F1 (VIP ES)
Added: Canal + Africa Full Package (VIP AF)
Added: Canal + Ligue 1 FHD & H265 France (VIP FR)
Added: Varzesh 1 to 4 Iranian (IR)
Added: Canal Orange Spain (VIP ES)
Added: Big brother Sweden HD (VIP SE)
Added: Shahid Arabic 8 Ch's (VIP AR)
Added: NHL Ice Center Pass 1 to 20 (VIP US)
Added: K + FHD Vietnam 4 Channels (VIP VTN)
Added: BBB 15 Ch's Big Brother Brazil (VIP BR)
Added: Eurosport 1 & 2 UK FHD (VIP UK)
Added: 8ova + Divergent + First + Kinema + LionTV + Lugina + Plisi (More than 80 Ch's Mvoies VIP AL)
Fixed: Eurosport Pluss 1 to 12 Norway (VIP NO)
Added: Ifollow 28 to 32 EFL + NBC Universe (VIP UK & US)
Added: 8 New Macedonian Ch's Inc MRT 4-5 (MK)
Added; Leg Sports FHD & HD 1-12 P50 (VIP AR)
Added: Glory 77 PPV Event (NL)
Added: 7 New Maltese Ch's (VIP MT)
Added: New 5 Iceland Ch's (VIP IS)
Added: HOT Cinema 1 to 4 FHD (VIP IL)
Fixed: Slovenian Channels are updated & Fixed (VIP SLO)
Added: MovieTime 1-10 Denmark (VIP DK)
Added: NW Togo Group 7 Ch's (VIP TG)
Added: DAZN 1 & 2 FHD - H265 (VIP DE)
Added: DAZN 1 & 2 FHD - H265 (VIP ES)
Added: V Sport 1,2,3, + Norway FHD (VIP NO)
Fixed: Tajikstan Ch's Inc Varzish TV (VIP TJ)
Added: ONTime Sport 3 FHD "Handball World Cup" (AR)
Added: Proximus 11 Sport 1 & 2 Belgium (VIP BE)

Added: Liiga Finland 1 To 7 - Viasat FI & Cmore MAX 2 (VIP FI)
Added: DAZN & Footters Inc All events (VIP ES)
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2- we are receiving fake reports lately, so be careful before reporting & note that support here are responsible only for PRO IPTV Service.

3- Supports are responsible only for Technical staff.

4- Supports trying to do our best to fix any issue reported , but kindly we ask reports to double check reports before delievring it to team , otherwise your ticket will be ignored & closed .

5- Trial for 24 hours is available in most of time except weekend & events days .

6- We are a familar IPTV Service , That's why We don't provide Porn/Adults contents at all .

7- VOD's addition soon will be started again , who have a suggest & request are welcome .

8- Restream / Reshare is not allowed , if the system detect any attempt of restreaming the users will be banned immediately & if it is repeated panel will be disabled . without refund .

9- We advice the reseller or subseller to creat users with a random user & passwd to protect it + lock it with real country of your customer , easy users & smaller one not accepted & can be removed without refund .

10- Supports Language ( Only english for now ) .